About Me

So who am I?

I’m many things, but in essence to truly know me, you must know my motto:

“By Helping others find Success. Success will in turn find you.”

I live my life with the firm belief that by helping others reach their goals, you will in turn reach all of yours.

I’m a life learner and believe that one should continue to learn, grow and integrate into the world around them. I believe that happiness is defined by the individual and what they choose to be true.

My happiness is in life experiences and so I’m constantly trying out new things and learning new skills that probably will never help me professionally, but keeps life interesting. I cycle through hobbies and with each hobby I go all in. Hobbies/Skills include Archery, Boxing, RC Helicopters/Cars/Planes, Paintball, Sleight of Hand i.e. Card Magic, Lock-Picking, Hypnosis, Stunt Kites, Mountain Biking and even Motorcycles. As of writing this, I think my next thing will be Tai Chi and Lightsaber Combat 😉

I’m a father to a smart and creative boy and husband to a wise and supportive woman.

Professionally, I’m a Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, Online Marketer and NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach.

Spiritually, I’m a Muslim and do my utmost best to live life according to the teaching of the Quran and God’s Final Prophet and Messenger Peace be Upon Him.

My favourite colour is Orange but sometimes Red, but usually Orange, but used to be Red when I was younger.

I’m laid back, easy going and always smiling.

And now that you know a bit about me (and i thank you for bearing with my narcissism but hey it is an About Me page) I would really appreciate if you leave a comment below, say hello and share with me a little about yourself.

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    1. mohammedsheikh

      Thanks Hanif!

      And congratulations for being the first to comment on not just this post but my site.

    1. mohammedsheikh

      Ameen. Thank you for all your support and love. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your prayers!

      Internet, this would be my wonderful mother giving her blessings!

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